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This was our booth at STGCC X3
And thank you so much for you who buying our stuffs... and yes, lots of guy browsing through my MASH-UP anthology and got another guy who bought it ^^;;;;;;;;;;;

Met Totoya-san for the first time in RL, but didn't have much time to talk with her... and didn't take a picture together too... *sobs*

Also, batch for X-Men: First Class and McFassy that I did before and after I went to SG X3

You can watch the vid here!

Practicing this two since I always fail making fanart for TV series or movies orz

Requested by a friend at twitter, she asked for Charles in Victorian era maid uniform since we've got Erik already did drag LOL

AND!! This cute Red Robin unternet vers. cosplayer was wandered around in front of my booth!!
I kidnaped her, once... *hides*

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ero post XD LOL

can't twit, but.... pls share this shinka, lemez, nina n uhm...

Linger by Waldorph


Erik had been warned, to be fair. The realtor was very explicit that the last seventeen tenants had run from the premises screaming about the Exorcist or The Ring or some other terrible horror show.


written for the anon prompt:
Erik gets a new apartment.
Charles haunts this apartment.
They fall in love.

(Anyone filling this can decide if Charles is really dead, in a coma or anything else, and if they’re mutants or not…)

my comment: *&#@*&#)(@*)@(!!!!!!!!!!!! *@!@!(*@)!(*) GAH AWESOME.....

...there :)

ps: errr yg twit g yg g bikin buat baby steve in loki's hand bs di kopipes ke g-email g? XD XD g ga bs access twitter acc (yet). tp gatel pingin nerusin jd ficlet.

TIA m_m
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yg ini?

incubussuccubus !!!! SOOO QUUUUTTEEEEE.... NOT ANOTHER BUNNY! @ shinka254: @capcay_santun @ Merahdadu @shiroki_kun I'm soooo jealous of that kid X3...

incubussuccubus @shinka254 @capcay_santun @ Merahdadu @shiroki_kun donotneed another thor-turn-into-5yerolds n loki take
care of him @ _ @

shinka254 @incubussuccubus @capcay_santun @ Merahdadu @shiroki_kun I think that's 5 yo Captain *points at the shield* LOL

Merahdadu @incubussuccubus Looks more like Loki w/ mini-Captain America there. XD @ shinka254 @ capcay_santun @Merahdadu @shiroki_kun http://

incubussuccubus @shinka254 @capcay_santun @ Merahdadu @shiroki_kun LOL OK~~~ G KOK MIKIRNYA THOR YAAA padahal pegang shield. mini capt. america
i mean. DOH

incubussuccubus @shinka254 @capcay_santun @ Merahdadu @shiroki_kun and jelous thor and tony will make a field day cracklicious

shinka254 @incubussuccubus @capcay_santun @ Merahdadu @shiroki_kun all the more interesting for The Avengers (+Loki) picnic day LOL