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[illust] Sims Social, anyone?

During the deadline of McFassy AU Fest and X-Men BigBang, I always feel the need to play games to gathering my muse.
So, here I am, stuck on Sims Social, game on Facebook XDD;;;

The Sims is always be fave simulation game X3
Anyho, I did some drawing of mine, and my neighborhood (friends) Sims.

Imogen Wayne (right) is mine, with London Apache (left), my friend's Sims.
My friend said that London build based on Nicholas Garrigan from The Last King of Scotland movie. So obvious... LOL
At first I wanna make Sims based from Tim Drake, but the female Sims has lots cute cloths than the male, so... yeah, we got Imogen here ^^;

Beneath the cut are Darwin/London and Darren/Joe.

Yes, I know, they looked like KonTim... ^^;
Darwin Beans is London's BF, my friend's friend's Sims. Made some R18 illusts of them, won't post here but you can find it on my tumblr instead.

Darren (right) build based on Darren Criss (who played Blaine Anderson on Glee) and Joe (left) on Joe Gibken (Gokaigers).
Both my friends' X3

Enough playing, guess, I'll go back brainstorming for the challenges XDDD;;;