Feb. 5th, 2011

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This Tuesday I watched Burleque with some friends.
Yes, I know, I just watch it for the sake of Christina Aguilera LOL
Oh, and of course for the cabaret musical :D

Anyway, I won't write about Burlesque here, I'll do it at LJ later, instead.
So, we came to the movie theater at one of the shopping mall.
There's a Green Hornet promo stand there. All the guard booth were wearing a modification Green Hornet costume.
When we're waiting for other friends to come, suddenly one of the guy approaching us and ask if we want to cosplaying Green Hornet and Kato.
We will get a present by drawn it from lottery.
I kinda interested to do it, but no one of my friends wanted too.
Lucky, my other friends came, and he agreed to do it! :D
They gave me Kato costume including the mask and the hat and my friend got Green Hornet's one.
We did some poses, they took some pictures, and when I thought we're done.
They ask me to not changing, yet, and do a high kick pose and hold it for at least 2 seconds LOL
Thank God, I was learning Tae Kwon Do back then when I was at school, but since it's really been a long time didn't do it, I've failed to hold it for 2 seconds.
So I do a little warming-up and do it again.

And, this is what I got!!


A cellphone pouch :D
It's black, and my desk is black too, so I have to put it on something so I could got a better pic of it ^^;;


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