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This past 2 months I'm crazy about this two after watching X-Men: First Class X3

Also, 3 more days to Singapore for STGCC, GANBARU ZO!!!

STGCC 2011

Aug. 13th, 2011 02:07 am
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Sorry for the long update.
We got our space at STGCC this year.

And the new book that I will sell on the event is MASH-UP Year Two.

Click on the picture to jump into the Anthology Website.

Size: A5 (copy book) B/W
Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Price: SG$8 (at STGCC) | US$6 (Worldwide/Online order)
Contents: 8 comics and 1 illustration


May. 4th, 2011 11:19 pm
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Further information about MASH-UP Anthology, please check here.

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Title: Confession
Fandom: DCU, Amecomi
Characters: Tim Drake, Kon-El, Damian Wayne, Cassie Sandmark
a/n: Just re-drawing KonTim confession scene on Teen Titans #92 in my style :D

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Maybe some of you already knew that I'm into Children Illustration Book lately.
It was actually started from last year, when I found Roxane Marie Galliez and Cathy Delanssay's book at the Careffour.
Immediately I'm in love with Cathy's art X3


Another illustrator that I find amazing is Rachel Swirles who draw for Lucy M. George.
I found their book at the same time I found Cathy and Roxane's.

click for the pic )

Misstigri's illustration is quite fascinating too, tho.

click for the pic )

But if I have to choose between this three, Cathy is my fave, and the second is Rachel ^^
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The Tokyo earthquake, the Sendai tsunami and the explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Seriously, I couldn't get a nice sleep since Friday at all.
When I knew Sendai got hit by tsunami, my mind directly went to Festivewind and chibishun who are currently studying and working in Japan, and of course all of my Japanese friends.
My Kansai area friends were alright, my Tokyo area friends were finding a shelter, my Saitama area friend was also alright, she still got a little quake, tho, but can go to work as usual.
A friend from Hokkaido willing to help me find my lost contact friend via cellphone provider. Even though, I'm sure she's also worrying about her grandma in Tokyo that still lost contact at the time. I really owed her!! >_<

Thank God in Saturday around 1:30AM we got news from Indonesia embassy in Tokyo that my Sendai friend was alright.
But I'm gettting worried again when I heard that Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was explode!
My friend's brother work there (not sure because I'm so panicked and my brain refuse to think), and couldn't contacted her because all of the telephone and cellphone lines are still dead.
But when I got home today, I got an email from her, said, that all of her families are alright.
I'm so relief and bursting in tears immediately T A T

Keep strong guys, NIHON GANBAREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For your information, I'm not affected by the tsunami since I live in West side.
Bali and the other places in East side was kinda affected, one of our volcano getting erupted too, tho.
My Hokkaido friend said, she heard from the news that Jakarta got the effect, but I didn't feel anything at all... ^^;;;
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When I went to Carrefour, I stumbled upon this on the bookshop corner!!


I don't know that NEVER MORE been translated into Indonesian!!! o__________O
Being nostalgic, been 3 years past since I read it X3
Perhaps you already realized that I'd made one page comic from one of the scene based on this book ^^
Didn't buy it, tho ^^;

But I did bought this!


CSI comic vers. also in Indonesian!!! Already skimmed it but haven't read thoroughly.
I'll go read it tomorrow on the bus on my way to the office, to killing the boredom in the usual morning traffic jam ^^;;
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Just wanna pimp out these amazing cellist from Croatia.
Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić playing MJ's Smooth Criminal.

THIS!!! What I call passion of music.
I got shiver all of my body when they're step into the first intro and the last bridge X3
Kinda reminds me of Maksim Mrvica who apparently a Croatian too!
Got a shiver when I heard his piano played too X3


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No one won't drop the issue and be the first to call, keep waiting, guys, keep waiting LOL

Failed KonTim Valentine Day, HAPPY belated VALENTINE, y'all~!!! <3<3<3


Feb. 15th, 2011 05:30 pm
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I've stopped watching Smallville when it's getting ridiculous ^^;
But, I kinda wanna back to watch it when I knew that some of JLA shows up.
They got Booster Gold and Blue Beetle also.

And you know what, the latest news I got were...
Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex Luthor will coming back for the finale series!!
ALSO!!!!!!!!!!! CONNER "KON-EL" KENT will appear (again)!!! X3


Guess we're all know that Smallville was one of the elseworld that DC had.
Haven't hear about Bats fam will appear, but I know that Dick Grayson been mentioned before.
So, if they would make an appearance, guess we're going to get a Robin!Dick, huh? ^^


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