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Well, the title said, 'nuff :D


And HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!

I know I should have add bunny ear on Colin head. I forgot, godamnit!! orz
And yes, Colin's head was too big orz
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Title: Question
Characters: Bats fam + Abuse
Rating: G
Pairing: A slight of Bruce/Dick
a/n: I actually want it to be as GENERAL as it should be, but... the Bruce/Dick pair appeared suddenly LOLZ
WARNING: CLIFFHANGER, AHOY!!! *don't kill me, please*

DamiColin POV. I bet you can guess what would Damian say )

I made this for my Mash-Up Anthology Project because I've miscounted the total pages. But suddenly my friend (one of the participant) offering me her 4 strips comic to filling the blank page, so I just using hers to keep the anthology balancing since there're too many DC in it ^^;
It was a Young Avengers comic strips, btw. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SHINKA!!! *hugs*
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Uuummm, yeah, I will go update the STGCC review later when I have all of the photos from my friends' camera :D

Nyway, I've uploaded this on Twitter, but I better post it in here as well X3


Aren't they're so cute together~~?? X3
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For my fave certain someone X3

Not that I'm leaving KonTim, yo )

What happened next.


Tim-sama, don't you ever be nice to a devil spawn LOL
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this what will happened after Damian join TT?
Let's just think like that when Red Robin and Teen Titans team up, shall we? *very wide grins*

clickity clickey )

Anyway, I'm trying a new style of coloring... well just playing with the brush, actually.
Still looked rough, tho XDD;;;

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born something goods LOL

Well, no, actually I just kinda desperate to searching DamianTim pair or DamianColin pair XDDD;;;
Tteiuka, I need more KonTim too~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XP


I draw this after watching STEP UP 3. Really loved the dance on the water battle!!
Why Robin YJ animated? Simple, it's just because Dick's dubber was Jesse McCartney and one of Jesse's song (UP), was in the movie LOL


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After been through a lot of things with RL and some of nature disasters in my country, I can't believe it I could done this project!!! *wipes tears*

For further information you could check this project BLOG or just simply stalking my journal LOLZ

Size: A5 (copy book) B/W
Contents: 5 comics and 5 illustrations
Available at: STGCC (Singapore) on December 10th-12th and probably Comic Market 79 (Japan) on December 30th.
Just pray that Indonesia post not being a douche this time *crossfingers*

As for online order... just check on the BLOG, I'll update more later ^^
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Quick sketch, quick color, you suru ni, doodle desu LOLZ
Yes, I know, Colin would never do this, but who knows? XDDDDDDDD
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I always drawing doodles. By doodles, I mean a REAL doodles, rough sketches.
Except this one! So exhausted, yet so fun.
Kinda addicted to it now, thanks to [personal profile] sukiyakiya *stares*

Batman II - Dick Grayson, Robin V - Damian Wayne belongs to DC

One more thing... I... kinda fell to Jesse McCartney now *hides*
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My lovely first Robin, sexy Nightwing, crack Batman, oh, Dick Grayson, why so difficult to draw you?
It's kinda looks like Tim... orz

Me: Dick! Why so difficult to draw you!!!??
NW: Eeeeeeh? But it's not my fault to born sexy...
Me: DIE!!!

Not that I really want to kill him, tho ^^;;;;


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